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image 01Mauve is an entertainment booking agency based in Asia; we provide international artistes: DJs, singers, rappers and MCs and other similar internationally recognized artistes and celebrities to the greater Asia and Oceania regions for corporate, casino, concert and club events.

Entertainment Agency

We supply artistes from our own management and artistes under partner management companies. No artiste is too big or too small. Please send us an e-mail with your needs and we will do our outmost to make your event unforgettable. Through our partner companies we also provide full solutions in industries such as: PR, event, logistics and marketing.


If you are a management company or an individual representing artistes and currently looking for exposure and representation in the fastest growing market in the World, with 3.8 billion people - namely Asia, feel free to get in touch. We believe in partnerships!

About Us

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MAUVE is the preferred contact point for artiste promotion across Asia and Oceania. Founded and based in Singapore in 2006, it offers a convenient contact point for artistes and venues.

We offer transparency and legal stability of Singapore, along with the explosive potential for growth; Asia is touted as one of the last untapped markets, with latent potential for huge growth due to its 3.8 billion population. We hope to provide both known and growing artiste with the chance to expand their market as well as supply much needed talents across Asia & Oceania.

Our goal is to establish above board relations in the entertainment industry, creating a win-win situation; building a mutual trusting relationships with all and anchoring ourselves in the scene for the long haul.

Our clients vary from resorts, MNCs to liquor brands.

Some of the events that we have supplied artists for:


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